Our Philosophy

Since 1989 the staff of Alann Engineering Group, Inc. (AEG) have taken pride in providing civil design solutions that not only convey our client's vision but also provide long-term community benefits. We focus on bringing value engineering to our projects with innovative and cost-effective methods that meet technical regulations, projects goals, and sustainability.

Our Team

Our team has the knowledge and experience suited to any kind of project! Learn more about them here! 



AEG has successfully designed and permitted projects such as:  single family developments from 1 to 5,000 acres; commercial developments from single tenant to 100,000 SF shopping centers; non-profit developments including houses of worship and Habitat for Humanity housing; government projects such as Head Start and other public schools, parks, boardwalks, beach restrooms, and lifeguard control towers; condominium complexes, roadway designs and coastal construction projects.


Gaining governmental review agency approval for projects can be a long, complex and potentially expensive exercise.  Thoroughly understanding the permit process enables AEG to obtain approvals as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible.


Client surveys indicate “work completed on time” is often a client’s most immediate concern.  And rightly so...as we all know...”time is money”.